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Jaroslav POKLUDA

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Institute of Physical Engineering

Department of Micromechanics of Materials and Engineering Acoustics

I was born in Brno, Czechoslovakia. After achieving the M.Sc. degree (Physics) at the Masaryk University in 1972, I was with the Military Research Institute of Materials and Technology till 1985. Since that time I am with the Technical University in Brno currently as a head of the Dept. Micromechanics of Materials and Engineering Acoustics. My general profesional orientation is on Physics of Materials, particularly on relations between mechanical properties and structure of materials and micromechanics of their deformation and fracture. The topics of the current research work performed within the "micromechanistic" group of my Department are following:

I am involved in all these research programms which are supported by grants on the level of both the University and the Ministry of Education. Recently we became a support within the European COST program for the next three years.

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Prof. Dr. Jaroslav Pokluda,
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